Severe Flood Hazard Zone polygons; area with depth greater than 1.0m for 200-year flood with no freeboardAs part of bylaw 8285 of the City of Prince George to designate land as flood plain and regulate the development of land that is subject to flooding. “flood construction level” means the Designated Flood Level plus the allowance for freeboard and issued to establish the elevation of the underside of a wooden floor system or top of concrete slab for habitable buildings and areas. In the case of a manufactured home, the ground level or top of concrete or asphalt pad, on which it is located shall be equal to or higher than the above described elevation. “Severe Flood Hazard Area” as delineated on Schedule A includes those areas directly connected to the river channel, where the 200-year flood depth is equal to or exceeds 1 metre above the current ground level.

Dataset Attributes

  • Shape__Area
    30102829.1538086 to 30102829.1538086
  • Shape__Length
    210647.06361774 to 210647.06361774

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